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​​ Our community is open for discussion of Retail Cannabis stores in Craig,Co. 

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We are dedicated to bringing jobs and revenue into our town thru the cannabis industry. 

The Election is over, thank God LOL, Now we must press toward our towns future. We are proud that our coal miners are safe. For now. There is still a large need for more revenue, a never ending battle for all towns. We must pass recreational cannabis sales in Craig come April 2017. There will be a special vote to raise taxes and according to our last meeting with Craig City Council they were for allowing our ordinance on the ballot also. Now I cannot stress enough how Important your vote will be in this election. EVERY VOTE WILL COUNT! There is a link below to take you to register to vote, or just check your status. You will need to make sure ALL your info is correct even the address. We ask that you contact your City Council thru the link we have provided. Remember to be polite but firm in your desire to have our ordinance come to vote.


Registerto VOTE​​