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The starting point of all achievement is desire.

‚Äč-Napoleon Hill

The Committee to Grow Craig, Co is made up of people who want to see jobs come to Craig. We feel like our younger residents are moving out at an alarming rate. We,Craig,Co residents, need jobs..good paying jobs.  We have decided to try to bring the cannabis industry to Craig this year as we will be looking at at least 2 new tax initiatives.  I say instead of charging us more, we can have the retail cannabis industry help foot the bill. If you do not visit a store it won't cost you a dime. We, The Committee to Grow Craig,  feels strongly about this issue and will work hard to bring it to fruition. The Committee to Grow Craig,Co is  dedicated to seeing a place where our children and grandchildren can grow up and live here and be proud. The Committee is dedicated to insuring a future for Craig. Help us bring jobs and revenue to our city and let's work together and GROW CRAIG!

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