We are currently looking for people to attend the city council meetings with us as a show of force. We want them to vote on the ordinace and/or put it on the special election in April 2017 with the tax increases. Let us know by going to Contact and writing us a short note saying you would like to be there. Thanks and GROW CRAIG!

City Council Meeting August 9th at 6:30 PM- Grow Craig! Is on the agenda and we need everyone that wants to help us bring the cannabis industry to Craig to attend if possible. This can be done by a show of support. Craig needs this revenue. What I hear is that in April there will be a special election to raise taxes and the city council has thought about a "use" tax. Look that up!. Come join us on the 9th at City Hall 300 W 4th St.


8/10/16 --- Last night at city council Paul and I gave our presentations. Mayor Beck gave his disapproval then the council starting discussion. Council John Ponikvar said he would vote no BUT he thought it should still be up to the voters. His recommendation is to refer it to special election in April where it will be voted on along with tax increases. Our call to action for you now is to email or write the city council and the Mayor in support of recreational cannabis stores in Craig. Be polite!  Below you will see a link to take you to their emails. Please be polite as our fate could possibly rest in their hands and at the moment I believe a majority of them will refer us to Ballot. That is what we want, a chance to vote on this.

City Council Meetings